Students undertake various interdisciplinary research and industrial projects under the guidance of the faculty, solving real time problems pertaining to core research and industry.
Students take part in semester long Internship in department specific or non- departmental industry. Apart from this, various industry visits and training sessions are organized for the students
Students actively participate in cultural, literary and sports activities where they gain team spirit, inter personal skills and leadership qualities. It gives an edge to their personality with holistic growth.
Students visit and interact with faculties, professionals and students from 140+ universities & Fortune 500 companies worldiwde through IIT Delhi MoUs. This diversifies their mental & cultural sphere.


B.Tech., Dual Degree

The journey of an undergrad students begins with foundation courses in sciences, humanities and social sciences. In subsequent semesters, students pursue core departmental courses to gain an in-depth knowledge of their specialization. Electives are offered every semester to develop understanding of topics outside their parent department.

M.Tech., M.Des., M.Sc., M.S.R., PhD

Aim of specialized masters programs at IIT Delhi is to train students in theoretical concepts which will enable them to tackle practical complex problems of design and development in industrial fields, as well as pursue further academic achievements through research. Students in post graduate programs tread on a rigorous journey of self discovery and success.

Minor Degree

IIT offers a gateway to earn an additional degree for what you learn! A student can complete given number of courses (& credits) in a department other than his parent department, to obtain a Minor Degree in the same.

While completion of courses bring students closer to completing their degree at IIT, what drives the academic culture is the zeal to learn and apply, both from students’ as well as professors’ end. Many students come up with innovative, novel ideas registered as patents, or even incubated as start-ups.