There is an option "Forgot Password'' on the login page. On entering your kerberos id you will get a password generation link on your IIT Delhi webmail. This needs to be done

There is an option "Forgot Password'' on the login page. On entering your kerberos id you will get a reset link on your IIT Delhi webmail.

If your internship is ongoing then upload the offer letter for your ongoing internship and in case your internship is over upload your internship completion certificate mentioning the date of completion.

The second page will have your approved PORs, ECAs, Courses Done and JEE Advanced Rank. The former two are taken from the E-certification portal and the latter two are provided by the UG Section. You have the liberty to show the entries on the second page using toggle switches.

It is mandatory that you save at least one CV. It is enough for applying to companies. But it is advised to make CV catering to different profiles.

In the 'Companies on Campus' section, all the companies with their visit date and application deadline will be visible and you will have an option to apply to companies that have opened for your branch.

Application deadline can be seen from Companies on Campus and Applications. But you can apply to the company from Application section only.

You can track your applications in the 'Applications' section of the portal where all the companies you will apply for will be visible.

If the company asks for any other document, you will be informed through the portal along with the method to submit it.

We will put notifications for all processes and test dates. It is your responsibility to check the notifications daily. Do download the OCS notifications app for the same.

The test links will either be shared on the OCS portal or mailed to you. The testing platform will depend on the company.

In the Applications section, your status will be updated to shortlisted. We may also put lists of company shortlists in the notifications section of the portal.

Through the OCS portal or OCS notifications.

Your status will be updated on the portal after receipt of results officially.

Login to the portal. The window will have an Accept button. There's no option to reject the offer once a company gives us the final results.

CGPA will be updated automatically by the system soon after this semester's grades are updated on the academic system.

It is expected that all students enter information with utmost honesty. Random checks will be done of CVs and all the points on the CV will be verified.

In the 'Companies on Campus' section, all the companies visiting the campus will be visible.

The verified page(second page) contains points approved by Ecertification or by UG Section. Students do not have the liberty to add points on their own on the verified page. Only completed courses can be mentioned on this page.

No, you can not apply to companies that visit on-campus even if they aren't open for your department. You can raise requests through the nucleus team of your Department to make your department eligible when the company registers.

Verified page (page 2) will only contain internships which were arranged by OCS and whose completion certificate has been received in OCS officially. Students are free to include their self arranged non-overlapping internships done during the summer vacation on page 1 (Unverified)

(1) 'OCS Notifications' app is available on Google Play Store ( and Apple App Store (coming soon). (2) 'OCS Query' app is available when you login through official IITD email id in the Microsoft's 'Power Apps' app, which is available on Google Play Store ( and Apple App Store (

As and when your certified points are received by the OCS Portal from an IITD System / eCertification portal, they will appear on the Page 2 of your resume. This process is automated and OCS has no role in those points.

No. Internships should be strictly non-overlapping. Also, start and end dates of the internship should be within the official summer vacation period (25 May - 1 August).

Those documents, which are unavailable at this point of time, should be uploaded to the portal as soon as you have access to them. Till then, a document containing the list of all such documents should be uploaded to the portal.

Dual degree students are counted in the UG category students, as they are JEE Advanced entries.

Yes, you are free to mention minor degree or department specialization in the 'Scholastic Achievements' section of your CV, if you satisfy the minimum credits requirements as per CV guidelines. This may be mentioned on Page 1 of CV.

Companies where the internship is through OCS receives a yellow form in which they are supposed to certify the completion of the internship by the student . No , there is no Yellow form for a self arranged intern.

Research interns can be verified by a completion letter. Yes, in case of unavailability of a completion letter , the Professor can mail the details along with his signature / seal of his organization. These may be mentioned on Page 1 of the CV if not arranged through OCS.

Yes, audit courses can also be mentioned in the cv.

Prepare your CV to sit for placement. If OCS receives your PPO offer from the company, we will send a mail regarding the PPO offer and then you can accept or reject it.

On, you have to login through your official IIT Delhi email id (eg- and password. Remeber to only use domain like and not like

All the points on page 1 (unverified) of the resume should be backed by uploading appropriate documents or certificates. In case some document is not accessible/available right now, a list of all such unavailable docs should be uploaded as well. As soon as the documents become available later, update them. Random checks will be carried out by OCS.

Yes, at least for phase 1 training and placement processes (July-December), all processes will be carried out online.

You are free to mention these things on Page 1 of your resume if you upload an appropriate completion certificate along with it. There is no need for separate validation from OCS.